About Us

Ghostlight Performing Arts Company was founded in March 2013 by Sean Newman and several others who, having worked with another theatre group for five years, found themselves without a program. Unable to accept defeat, they began to discuss their options. After a series of late nights and exciting meetings, they came to the solution of starting something of their own, something that could capitalize on their desire to bring quality performing arts to the North Georgia area. From these conversations came the birth of a whole new program; Ghostlight Performing Arts Company.

At the moment, we are a small group working out of borrowed spaces for rehearsals and performances. As time goes on, however, our goal is to find ourselves a permanent home so that we can deliver professional-quality performances and well-rounded education for adults and children. Our program right now will focus primarily on our Youth Theatre Project,  which is dedicated to providing the rising stars of North Georgia the opportunity to hone their craft with experienced, talented directors.

In time, we plan to add programming for adults as well, including a series of mainstage productions. This goal can only be achieved with time and the support of our loyal audience members.

Based out of North Forsyth County, we are primarily volunteer-based, with a focus on teaching all aspects of theatre to our participants. Parents and Students alike are asked to work on sets, costumes, and everything else that goes into creating a performance.  In that vein, Ghostlight is always looking for more volunteers to help us with our shows, so if you are interested, feel free to send us an email on the “Contact Us” page.

Thank you for your interest and continued support of our program as we forge ahead creating new performance opportunities in the North Georgia area. For the latest news and events, you can keep checking back in on this website. You can also like us on facebook or follow us on Twitter.